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  • 64% success rates in fresh cycles.
  • Age limit - up to 54 years.
  • Innovative rejuvenation treatments: ovaries and endometrium PRP.
  • Only 30 km of driving distance from the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.
  • Slovakian and Hungarian speaking patient coordinators.
  • Free fertility doctor consultation.
  • No waiting list.
  • 1 visit treatment.

Medicover Fertility in Uzhgorod is a part of Medicover Fertility global network, which provides fertility treatment services for over 15 years. We provide full-cycle infertility treatment services, our clinic has a powerful embryological laboratory, egg donor and sperm bank.

The clinic is located in the downtown of Uzhhorod in a modern two-storey building equipped with high-tech medical and embryological equipment in 10 km driving distance from the Ukrainian-Slovak border (Uzhhorod) and 30 km from the Hungarian-Ukrainian border (Zahony -Chop).

We offer individual patient transfer service from Budapest and Kosice Airport (Kosice) and 4 *stars hotels, which are 5 minutes away from the clinic.

You do not have to spend a long time living in Ukraine during treatment, we simplify your visit to Ukraine as much as possible and are ready to offer you treatment programs for 1 visit.

The highest success rates in Europe:

  • 56% in IVF programs
  • 64% in programs using donor gametes
  • 100% in guaranteed programs