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Infertility Treatment Programs




IVF with fresh donor oocytes


IVF with vitrified donor eggs


Double donation (IVF program with egg and sperm donors) new discounted price


Frozen embryo transfer


Double embryo transfer


Embryo Adoption


Budget Egg Donation Program


Kettős embrió transzfer


Additional Treatment Services Price/€
Social Freezing 1765€
Egg retrieval of the follicles and aspiration of the oocytes 780€
Egg retrieval of the follicles and aspiration of the oocytes in accumulative protocol 615€
IVF fertilization 105€
ICSI fertilization 505€
Cultivation of human oocytes and embryos 390€
Fresh transfer of embryos into the uterus 715€
Cultivation of the embryos using GM-CSF (EmbryoGen+BlastGen) 635€
PICSI sperm selection 300€
Endometrial scratch 45€
Endometrial receptivity test for implantation failure (ERA) 420€
Scraping of a uterine cavity's walls whithout anesthesia 225€
Cyst aspiration with anesthesia 200€
Cyst aspiration 100€
Hysteroscopy 340€
Thawing and cultivation of the human embryos/oocytes 370€
Thawing and cultivation of the human embryos/oocytes in accumulative protocol 370€
Assisted laser hatching 125€
Portion of donor sperm 360€
Vitrification till 12 oocytes 570€
Vitrification till 6 oocytes 420€
Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) 425€
Intrauterine insemination with husband sperm, 2 procedures 580€
Intrauterine insemination with donor sperm, 1 procedure 940€
One donor oocyte, fresh 380€
One donor oocyte, vitrified 400€
One donor oocyte, vitrified (budget) 200€


Medical Courier Service Price/€
Transportation of cryopreserved IVF fertility samples: oocytes, sperm,embryos. (custom clearance is totally free!) From 990€*


Consultations/ tests Price/€
General Anaesthesia for surgery/egg collection 100€
Sperm – DNA Fragmentation 125€
Sperm HBA test 110€
Sperm analysis 40€
PGS of 1 embryo 570€
PGD Single gene disorder price upon request
HLA Matching 500€
Karyotyping 180€
Fertility Consultation (ultrasound scan and counselling) 45€
Return fertility consultation (within 1 year) 30€
Consultation with a leading urologist 45€
Consultation with a immunologist 40€
Ultrasound of the fetus in the 1st trimester up to 10 weeks 45€
Uterus and ovaries ultrasound 40€
Echosalpingography 180€
Preparation of the endometrium (introduction of GFR) administration of nepogen 135€
1-day staying in the ward 45€

*Please not that fees do not include the cost of medication.


Storage/ freezing/ cryopreservation Price/€
Cryopreservation of embryos and storage 6 months 480€
1 month - storage of the biological material (oocytes, embryos, sperm) 30€
6 months - storage of the biological material (oocytes, embryos, sperm) 130€
1 year - storage of the biological material (oocytes, embryos, sperm) 250€
Sperm Freezing - only cost for freezing 120€


PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Procedures Price/€
PRP endometrial treatment 415€
PRP ovaries' treatment 760€


Blood tests Price/€
Blood viral tests (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and RW) 60€
PCR Covid -19 with medical certificate 80€
Antigen Covid -19 test 25€


*The price depends on NBU' currency exchange rate.
The service is available both for individual patients and for any fertility clinics.