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Discover Medicover Uzhgorod (Ukraine)

  • 64% success rates in fresh cycles.
  • Legal Egg donation and Surrogacy.
  • Age limit - up to 54 years.
  • Innovative rejuvenation treatments: ovaries and endometrium PRP.
  • Only 30 km of driving distance from the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.
  • Slovakian and Hungarian speaking patient coordinators.
  • Free fertility doctor consultation.
  • No waiting list.
  • 1 visit treatment.

Medicover Fertility in Uzhgorod is a part of Medicover Fertility global network, which provides fertility treatment services for over 15 years. We provide full-cycle infertility treatment services, our clinic has a powerful embryological laboratory, egg donor and sperm bank.

The clinic is located in the downtown of Uzhhorod in a modern two-storey building equipped with high-tech medical and embryological equipment in 10 km driving distance from the Ukrainian-Slovak border (Uzhhorod) and 30 km from the Hungarian-Ukrainian border (Zahony -Chop).

We offer individual patient transfer service from Budapest and Kosice Airport (Kosice) and 4 *stars hotels, which are 5 minutes away from the clinic.

You do not have to spend a long time living in Ukraine during treatment, we simplify your visit to Ukraine as much as possible and are ready to offer you treatment programs for 1 visit.

The highest success rates in Europe:

  • 56% in IVF programs
  • 64% in programs using donor gametes
  • 100% in guaranteed programs


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  • treatments

    Egg Donation

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  • treatments

    IVF for HIV

  • treatments

    PRP (ovarian, endometrium rejuvenation)


Egg&Sperm Donor Bank

Our egg and sperm donors catalogs enlists more than 500 donors, available for online booking on the day of the request, patients have the opportunity to get acquainted with the full donor profile of the donor, photos, phenotypic and psychological characteristics. All donors have completed full genetic testing, test for syphilis, hepatitis and are somatically healthy.


Intersono IVF clinic in cooperation with Charitable Foundation “Life for Life” successfully conducts surrogacy in Ukraine since 2005.

Why choose us?

  • We act legally! Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated by law.
  • 620 cycles were done and 403 happy children were born.
  • Large choice of surrogates: 120 surrogate mothers.
  • Surrogacy lawyer support.
  • Certificate of birth.

Intended parents can be sure that surrogacy program at Intersono IVF clinic is conducted with maximum comfort; hospitable and highly-qualified staff will spare no effort to their dream of being parents to come true.

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Gynaecology Consultation

Most women’s diseases develop asymptomatically in their early stages. Therefore, prevention is the best option. Regular gynecological examinations in Medicover give every woman confidence in her future.

  • Complete gynecologic examination and treatment.
  • Prevention of pelvic organs diseases, including cancer.
  • Expert ultrasound examination of pelvic organs (2D, 3D, 4D).
  • Pregnancy follow-up 24/7.


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