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What Egg Donor Catalogue includes?

Egg donors with photos. Our database includes the necessary information to ensure the similarity of donor with a recipient according to specific criteria: phenotype, age, education, hobbies, talents, life motto and religion.

Medical history. In this section, you can find out information about allergies, hereditary diseases and obligatory medical tests of each donor. 

Family overview. In this section, you will find information about the family of your donor in the form of the genealogical tree.


How to Use Online Donor Catalogue?

Step 1. Please contact your individual IVF Care manager in order to get free access to view full egg donor profile

Step 2. In order to book a donor you need to proceed to the donor profile and click "Book". After that system will refer you to the booking page, where you need to reserve the necessary number of oocytes. Premium Egg Bank offer:

  • a set of 6 oocytes
  • a set of 8 oocytes
  • a set of 12 occytes

Step 3. Notice the necessary number of sets in the field "Add the number of sets"

Step 4. Reservation. To confirm your order and payment, press the buttom "Reserve"